18 April 2011

Success can stem from tragedy

In February this year, we attended the annual Nixon Advantage conference with our peers from all over Australia and New Zealand. One of the speakers during the conference, was Michael Hill (of Michael Hill Jewellery fame). Michael was sensational! He is charismatic, energetic, has a story to tell and a lesson to share. I was inspired by Michael and I have since read two of his books - "Toughen Up" and "Think Bigger". Most people aren't aware that Michael Hill's success actually stems from a tragedy. In 1977, at the age of 40, Michael and Christine Hill's dream home burnt to the ground. It was as he watched this tragedy unfold, that Michael made a profound decision that set him on the road to success. He decided that after 23 years of working in his uncle's jewellery business he would buy it from him. As it turns out, Michael couldn't convince his uncle to sell the business to him, so Michael and Christine started their own jewellery business - and the rest as they say is history! There are a few lessons I have learnt from listening to Michael and reading his books:

  • Set 30 year goals - yes, 30 year goals - it will extend your life!

  • Visualise your goals with absolute clarity.

  • Your comfort zone is a dangerous place to be - it's much more exciting to think bigger.

  • Love what you do! Opportunity is often disguised as work.

  • Present yourself (and your products/services) perfectly.

  • Inside of each of us is everything we need. All the tools. All the talent. Just allow the true you to come out. Be and do something remarkable!

  • Surround yourself with people to learn from.


Always pursue what you love

Always extend your talents

Never abandon your dreams

Are you in your comfort zone? What will wake you up?

Are you facing tough times, and it's time to make a change?

Wherever you are in life, regardless of your age or situation, it is never too late to make a change, toughen up, and set yourself some BHAG's (Big Hairy Audacious Goals!)

Just go for it!